Rentals, Services, and Products


Fabrication: Welsh Stone Supply offers a variety of fabrication services. Custom cuts, planing, honing, thermalled tops and edges, rock-faced edges and eased and bull-nosed edges are all available.

Pattern Design: Custom pattern design maps are available for reducing installation hassle.

Delivery: Stone Deliveries to job sites can be made upon request.



The ultimate safe acid for eliminating efflorescence, lime and hard water deposits, soap scum, rust and grout haze from non-acid sensitive materials.


The premium impregnating sealer, providing world leading protection for prorous surfaces including, natural stone, tiles, pavers concrete and grout.


Deep color enhancer and premium sealer for porous surfaces, including natural stone, pavers, masonry and terracotta. Quarts and gallons available.

Gibco's MRF

Non-toxic mortar additive used to significantly reduce water penetration, shrinkage, and temperature changes. Can replace lime in mixtures.

Stone & Masonry Cleaner

This ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide based cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning stubborn organic stains and deeply embedded dirt in porous stone and masonry.


This additive for the Stone & Masonry Cleaner will provide extra cleaning power, lifting power and stain removing power for all your masonry projects.

Thermalling Torch Components

Torch, handle and tips available.

Diamond-Tipped Stone Blade

12" and 14" blades available. 

Carbide Handset for Rockfacing

2", 2.5", & 3" handsets available.

Masonry Cement

Portland: Available in gray and white

Type S: Available in gray and white

Type N: Available in gray 



Bulk loading and bulk 1 ton bags available. 



Rental Equipment

Archback Vacuum Stone Lifter (pictured)

Scissor Lift, Stone Router

Job Site Stone Saw